I know what you need for success. And like you, I’m conscious of just how much is demanded of today’s professionals. If you truly value your personal and professional development and have a strong desire to grow and change, please get in touch with me. Together we can create an outcome-oriented action plan and a coaching program tailored to your needs.
Elena Briongos
Consultora de Comunicación y RSC

Tremendamente profesional, sensible y sabia, así es Rosa. Y así son también sus sesiones y los espacios que va definiendo para ayudar a pensar mejor y tomar mejores decisiones. En mi caso me ha ayudado mucho a identificar y verbalizar algunos miedos y frenos internos a la vez que identificar y verbalizar fortalezas para poder potenciar mi rendimiento. Un trabajo muy completo de introspección, reflexión y expresión que, sin duda, recomiendo a todas aquellas personas e instituciones que en algún momento de sus vidas sientan que necesitan un apoyo o una guía para poder alcanzar sus objetivos.

Lucía Méndez-Bonito
CEO B&B España & Portugal

Inspiradora, motivadora, estimulante, alentadora, incansable, enriquecedora, gran comunicadora.... Inunda la sala de conocimiento y energía positiva con una capacidad para inspirar fuera de lo normal. El equipo de B&B Hotels pudimos disfrutar de unas jornadas de motivación y comunicación con ella extraordinarias. Un lujo que Rosa nos dedicase este tiempo!

Sara Mateos Artiles
Directora Fundación DISA

Rosa tiene la capacidad de hacer que el tiempo vuele. Tuvimos la suerte de compartir con ella dos intensos días de formación sobre Comunicación y Liderazgo y fue una experiencia que ni mi equipo ni yo olvidaremos. Tengo que decir que, por primera vez en mucho tiempo, me hubiese gustado que el tiempo con ella no acabara. Su cercanía, su capacidad para transmitir y compartir conocimientos o su sensibilidad, hicieron que fuera una experiencia absolutamente provechosa tanto el terreno profesional como en el personal. Aprendimos, nos divertimos y salimos reforzados en todos los sentidos. Rosa ha dejado una huella en nuestro equipo que espero perdure. Muchas gracias, querida Rosa.

Marta Bisquerra Prohens
Events Producer and Member of the Board of Directors at RIEEB

Rosa crea un espacio de máxima comodidad y de confidencialidad para que uno se pueda expresar, lo cual propicia un gran vínculo de confianza. Además, por toda su amplia carrera profesional tiene gran facilidad para empatizar con las personas con las que trabaja y para entender las vivencias de cada uno.
Hacer el proceso de coaching con Rosa me ha sido de una gran ayuda. Ella me ha aportado seguridad y confianza, tanto a nivel personal como profesional y esto ha hecho que avanzara en mi carrera.
Gracias a ella me he podido enfrentar a retos que sin su ayuda no me hubiera atrevido.
Sus sesiones han sido una guía dentro de mi ámbito laboral y personal; dándome soporte emocional y guiándome estratégicamente para ir consiguiendo mis objetivos. Me ha ayudado a ser consciente de mis capacidades y aprender a superar las adversidades con las que me he ido encontrando en el camino.

Beverly Wallace
Director Leadership Development

Rosa blended compassionate listening with insightful observations to help me to be a more impactful leader. I cannot state enough how much her questions, perspective and guidance helped me to enhance the relationship with someone whom I had difficulties connecting in the past. She helped me through a challenging time to create and execute a realistic and actionable plan, and I will reach out to her again when faced with obstacles that could benefit from her diverse and unique perspective.

Nancy Harkrider
Managing Director and Organizational Change Facilitator

Rosa offers tangible, targeted and innovative solutions to the dynamics of change. She employs her unique, powerful approach to communication, skillfully embedded in her internationally sensitive cultural competencies. She has standards for herself wedded to her passion as a learner that make her an exceptional coach, change facilitator and cultural interpreter. Her willingness to balance all these roles with uncompromising honesty and commitment exemplify the consummate professional she is. Rosa empowers others to ask good questions and guides to solid decisions. As a change facilitator who has coached executives on three continents, I find Rosa the perfect coach’s coach. She is the best “guide on the side” I have ever encountered.

Eddie Rivera
Occupational Therapist

I work with a diverse population, and Rosa trained me to improve my intercultural competency. Rosa is a born challenger, tough, and persistent in the most gentle and caring way. She has a natural ability to make anyone feel comfortable around her. Practical. Specific. Powerful. Engaging. Thought-provoking… Her creative sense and experience working with multicultural teams inspired me to maximize professional potential. I´ve grown so much from working with her. Any individual or organization seeking to increase their ability to work effectively across cultural differences would benefit from her services.

Judith Weinman
Speech-Language Pathologist

Rosa M. Molló is a rare and special professional and individual. When speaking with her, one feels their uniqueness truly being heard and felt; it’s as though every part of her is thinking, feeling, and taking in. Her wise, compassionate, and keen understanding of the human condition allows her to provide feedback that is smart, insightful, and also kind. She provides tools which she seems uniquely capable of sharing, because of her background and experience. Exceptionally present, time spent with Rosa goes by very fast, and one leaves a session with a clearer sense of direction, a renewed sense of hope, and enlivened. One cannot help but feel inspired and a bit awed by her nature, personality, and talents. If you are in a time of transition in your life, I cannot recommend Rosa more highly, as an invaluable resource.

(wishes to remain anonymous)

Rosa made such a difference to how I approach challenges in my life and how I feel about moving forward with my business. She combines a wide range of disciplines and techniques in an effective and sensitive way to empower you to realize and reach your potential. I felt able to share thoughts, ideas and emotions in a safe environment... She helped me locate my confidence and focus. The whole process helped me develop both as a person and in my business development. Now I am much more confident in my ability to make the right choices and feel more relaxed and content as a result ...... Thank you Rosa!"

Yeo Shil Ma
CEO Global Business Education

I met Rosa in a cross-cultural negotiation workshop at University of British Columbia in Vancouver a few years ago. I was fascinated by her story with passion, intuition and expertise through her background as a communicator. With her experience working in multicultural and global teams as a leader, Rosa dedicates herself to the advancement of others. I would describe her as “an encourager”. Her ability to motivate is the result of her personality, an innate enthusiasm to help others to succeed. As a coach, she contributes to the development of cross-cultural strategies for professionals and business people utilizing her global mindset and practical approach. She brings incisive focus and deep global business experience to her practice.

All my clients have something in common,
something extraordinary: you all have ambition, an ambition with a purpose. You want your goals and aspirations to play a part in improving the lives of those around you. Yours is a diverse world.