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The Art of Making Decisions

My name is Rosa María Molló and I’m here to offer you a fresh perspective on your path to change and personal and professional development. If your goal is to leave your mark on everything you do, I’m the support system that will help you make it happen.

I empower professionals and teams by helping them identify and reach their goals and generate new ideas. I’ll challenge your point-of-view and push you to explore alternatives and take actions that will transform your business, your career, and your life for the better. With my neuroscience-based coaching, I’ll make sure you put your best foot forward in every situation.


Rosa Molló
Purposes and ideas mean nothing without action

My mission

To make you dream without limits

To work with me, all you need is to want to change for the better. I believe in the infinite capacity that people have for growth, learning, and problem-solving. I work diligently with my clients to help them create their own personal definition of success and get maximum results, so that they don’t get distracted or carried away by social pressure. Cultivating work-life balance, using strategy to build creativity, and keeping a healthy sense of curiosity alive are my three main priorities in the coaching process.

I’m committed to becoming your ally in achieving your goals and guiding you with all of my integrity, competence, compassion, and my whole heart.

Each of us has dormant abilities and talents, waiting to be explored that end up buried in our day-to-day routines. To guide you in becoming your best self, I’ll help you reveal those hidden assets Together we’ll create a space for reflection in the midst of your busy life. You’ll be able to take a step back, observe, increase your sense of clarity, and move forward more consciously, and calmly with greater strength from within.

My philosophy

Feeding the soul´s butterflies

Courage to Change wants to help you bring your dreams to the workplace. Because when imagination isn’t fostered in an environment, we lose a certain transformative energy that only comes around when we’re facing a vast universe of possibilities. If we look at this concept in the context of the business world, dreaming is in fact, little more than another planning technique.

Even when you’re not sure what to do, start by taking action. You’re the artist who paints on the canvas of your life. The career and the life you want are within your reach.

I’ll encourage you to dream big to achieve things you once considered impossible. We’ll identify obstacles, overcome challenges and get results. In both individual and team sessions, our main objective is to get you to a place of clarity, authenticity, and commitment when it comes to your work and relationships. Most importantly, I’ll make sure you’re equipped to fight for what you believe in, not just for what’s easy or predictable.

I’ll remind you that you already have great potential, inside, and help you connect with the 3 Ps:
Presence, Passion, Productivity.

Often we forget that when we improve the way we work and relate, we also transform ourselves from the inside out, as human beings. Change is inevitable, but transformation depends on you.

My coaching will help you learn to identify how a message may be interpreted and its effect on the person who receives it ahead of time. Good communicators make good negotiators and skilled mediators.
Mastering the emotional impact of what we say is key to communicating effectively. The first lesson of effective communication is learning to listen…with your whole body.

Areas we can work on

Everything you need to be successful


Train your brain, and add value to your work

Generally, clients that seek out my services belong to the following three groups. First, there are the successful professionals that want to increase their potential and move forward in their careers, without giving up their personal lives. Then there are the social entrepreneurs and small business owners that work hard to juggle advancing projects, being their own bosses and managing and motivating their teams. And finally there are the executives and senior management who understand the importance of leading by example but need to strengthen their action plans or encounter new strategies that can sometimes be difficult to see from the executive suite.

My brain-based training will provide you with all the necessary skills to quiet the stress and chaos that can exist in your surroundings as well as the resources you need to center yourself and focus on productive conduct that will help you overcome challenges.



Cultivate leadership and facilitate teamwork

Maybe we can’t increase our IQs, but we can improve something much more important: our Social and Emotional Intelligence. IE+S Coaching is one of the most transformative types of training out there and is known for producing the best results and highest levels of satisfaction. IE+S is the most important ability for professionals who want to build motivated, creative and successful teams. It’s what makes establishing sustainable and quality workplace relationships possible.

With me, you’ll learn about the 3 Brains: the brain in your head, the one in your heart, and the one in your gut. They’re what define your attitude and conduct. Emotional Intelligence is created by the interaction between and ultimately the balance of the three brains working together. Knowing how they interact will help you achieve your goals, connect better with others and work more effectively on a team.



Interactions and encounters in a diverse world

In the 21st century, all kinds of interactions are intercultural. When we incorporate the dimension of culture into how we work and live, we eliminate a lot of avoidable frustrations and are more able to integrate alternative perspectives. We become more tolerant, more flexible and adapt more quickly. This training will help you develop mental flexibility and the empathy necessary to successfully navigate diverse situations particularly those involving working styles, mentalities and values that differ from your own. Communication, negotiation, thought, time, power, identity, silences, all acquire new depth and meaning, with cultural competence and these cultural differences become assets that benefit both you as an individual and your organization as a whole.
The capacity to be culturally competent will allow you to build exceptionally cohesive teams, improve collective results and create strong business plans that are sustainable long-term.



Unlock your ability to reach others

Learning to communicate is an art, and it requires constant practice. Most people have a tendency to concentrate on the message, but it’s also important to focus on behavior, form, and context. Sharing your ideas, in an impactful and convincing way, whether you’re presenting to the team, the board, the client or the public is crucial. If beyond informing with your communication, you want to influence your audience, my coaching will help you identify how a message will be interpreted and the effect it’ll have on the interlocutor, ahead of time. You’ll learn how to relate favorably to others, develop your charisma, listen to others, and master nonverbal language as well as the subtle signals you may not even know you’re emitting.

Being good communicators makes us into great negotiators and skilled mediators. Understanding the emotional impact of what we say is key to communicating effectively and producing rewarding conversations.



Make a leap forward

Especially designed to help you overcome the vertigo that is so often a barrier when you’re facing a big change or major difficulty. Even the most prepared people have doubts about their talents, their careers, their decisions or their place in the world at times. Maybe you just need someone to talk to, someone to listen and guide you in the process of reflecting and clarifying your objectives to reach new goals. My coaching enhances your professional development, overcomes resistance, reduces fear when facing uncertainty and boosts your commitment level for better results.

I teach my clients to train their brains so that they can improve their performance and wellbeing during times of transition. Contrary to what many people think, when well managed, the process of drastic change encourages a stronger sense of responsibility and incentivizes collaboration and creativity.



The beauty of working together

In my mission to promote Collective Social Responsibility and contribute to a better future for our generation and those to come, I offer the Coaching Back program. It’s aimed at the many charitable entities and community leaders who toil to improve the wellbeing of their fellow citizens.

This program includes 4 Pro Bono sessions. The idea is to complete the training sessions in a row to find effective and sustainable solutions to shared problems. The benefits of this program aren’t only to the individual, but instead extend to the community. The program’s intended to encourage teamwork, commitment, and shared wellbeing, as well as to help leaders embrace their ability to influence and use that influence to the benefit of their cause. If you want to know more about Pro Bono coaching, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Immediate results you can expect after neurocoaching with me:
  • Reconnect with who you are and what you want
  • Enjoy more freedom and energy
  • Benefit from an authentic connection with others
  • Find balance and appreciate everything more
Train with me. Stop chasing and start achieving:
  • Improve the clarity of your vision.
  • Design management that’s outcome-oriented.
  • Rank your priorities and objectives more effectively.
  • Manage time and control stress.
  • Reconcile your life and your work and be satisfied with both.
  • Influence with integrity.
  • Learn to recognize (and how to conquer) impostor syndrome.
  • Communicate effectively
  • Become emotionally agile and culturally competent.
  • Create a service-based leadership.
  • Learn to coexist with difficult personalities.
  • Build better relationships and gain trust.

What do you think?

Are you ready to get started on your action plan?

If you want to know more about how we can work together, get in touch and make your free appointment for a Chemistry Session. This is a no-cost first meeting to evaluate how well you and I connect. It’s fundamental to determining whether or not my coaching services are right for you. Because while I want to help you achieve your goals, it’s only possible if we work well together.

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