Cultural Competence

Bridging the gap between cultures

21st century professionals often have to work in virtual or face-to-face cultural contexts that differ from their own. Fortunately, I’m a specialist in international collaboration, and I can help you establish relationships and intercultural work teams built on a foundation of mutual trust and commitment.

Understanding work styles that differ due to varying cultural contexts and backgrounds powerfully transforms results. My clients learn to construct lasting relationships, value cultural diversity, distinguish cultural norms, and apply appropriate tactics to avoid conflicts and project failure in intercultural negotiations. I also offer training to overcome international culture shock in temporary moves and transfers.

Bridge great distances with cultural competence. Understanding makes the ordinary, extraordinary.
Individual Benefits
  • Understand behaviors through the lens of cultural context.
  • Overcome stress in new environments.
  • Lead with a global mentality.

  • Direct global, multicultural, and remote teams.
  • Work and negotiate efficiently with people from different cultures.
  • Recognize and respect the balance of power and negotiate courteously.
My individual and group sessions help participants grow inside and out.
Would you like to be a more conscious leader and enable authentic interactions and aligned actions?