Coaching Back

The future. Designed by people, for people

Coaching Back is intended to encourage collective social responsibility. It’s directed at social innovators, charitable entities, and community leaders looking for innovative ways to resolve, mitigate, or even anticipate problems.

In this program, I’ll help you visualize and put your ideas into practice to help your cause become one that others rally behind.

All 4 Pro Bono sessions include strategic training to help you transform your vision into something tangible, learn to distinguish roles, mark priorities and design an action plan that allows you to grow your initiative by sharing it with others. There’s no project too small or too big to participate in this program, but you’ll need to have a clear goal for the common good to truly benefit from the process.

In addition to the Pro Bono program, I also organize 2-day Workshops with a half-day follow-up and an additional evaluation after a month. Group size is limited to 10 people for better content assimilation and increased interaction.

Each training is designed around your project’s needs.

Coaching Back is based on a very basic concept: 1 + 1 = 11
Bring together multidisciplinary minds in collaboration and teamwork to reach goals, widen alliances and multiply results in any organization.
Individual Benefits
  • Create connections and build empathy using the principles of Tribal Neuroscience.
  • Identify allies and enable a dialogue of trust and transparency that promotes commitment.
  • Manage conflict and negotiations. Control your passion to better hear others.
  • Be more flexible; establish relationship strategies and participation dynamics that listen to more voices.

  • Handle time, energy, reputation and negotiations efficiently to keep obstacles from stalling your project.
  • Incorporate multidisciplinary points of view to achieve conditions for innovation.
  • Learn to use your narrative and your imagination to multiply your powers of persuasion.
  • Design a 4-6 month action plan and a plan for evaluation.
My individual and group sessions help participants grow inside and out.
Would you like to be a more conscious leader and enable authentic interactions and aligned actions?