Change and Development

Getting where you want to go

Specifically designed to help you get past the 4 phases that a drastic change involves: comfort, resistance, confusion, and renovation. Often, my clients come to me because they find themselves stuck in a situation that doesn’t give them any room to grow professionally. They’re anxious for more, but perceive change as a threat to their security.

With my help, you’ll learn to face these situations in a calm and balanced way. On the journey to change, we’ll travel together and I’ll get you oriented through a series of very structured support sessions combining neuroscience and emotional intelligence.

Teach your brain to be flexible and you’ll find the answers. Change is your ally for growth.
Individual Benefits
  • Clearly define your short, mid and long-term vision and goals
  • Establish firm commitments in respect to those goals
  • Create an action plan and follow-up protocol
  • Design strategies that maximize your strong points

  • Identify obstacles to overcome your resistance
  • Prioritize and make the most of the present moment.
  • Reconcile this change with all facets of your life.
  • Celebrate successes to consolidate the change.
My sessions are always developed in a safe space to help you
let go of any blocks, quiet fears, and explore your own destiny