Effective Communication

When you want your message to make an impact.

Communicating a message in a genuine way helps us achieve our desired outcomes. Examining exactly how we communicate opens our eyes to a new way of seeing ourselves and others. In our coaching sessions, I’ll help you to indentify your communication style and you’ll learn to adapt that style to the needs of whomever you’re communicating with.

Learning to communicate is also in a large part learning to listen. Although it seems like an automatic action, it isn’t: listening requires a lot of self-control, plenty of practice, and some critical thinking.

My coaching process for more effective communication will help you:

  • Determine your communication needs, spot places to improve, choose an appropriate style and tone for each conversation and learn new techniques to improve communication with others.
  • Recognize and appreciate other styles of communication in order to neutralize causes for alert and not feel “attacked” on a personal level when someone uses a style different from your own.
  • Discern when and how to adapt your own style to your environment to achieve more effective communication.
  • Learn to speak in public with training on how to influence and persuade, communication techniques for service and leadership. You’ll learn how to make statements to the press and presentations at work, give speeches and talks, have more successful phone conversations, conduct intercultural meetings and communicate successfully on international trips (sessions are tailored  to meet the needs of each client).
Everybody communicates; only a few connect. Make your message heard and remembered.
My individual and group sessions help participants grow inside and out.
Would you like to be a more conscious leader and enable authentic interactions and aligned actions?