Social and Emotional Intelligence

Use your three brains to free your true potential

Social and emotional Intelligence (IS+E) is the capacity to be conscious of our emotions and those of others, and to know how to use that information to manage our behavior and our relationships, even in difficult situations. It’s been demonstrated that IS+E is much more important when it comes to our success in life than our cognitive intelligence (IQ). And even though we can’t increase our IQ, we can improve our social and emotional intelligence. With my coaching, and the tools I offer, you’ll be able to incorporate new habits into your routine to achieve a happier, more balanced, and more successful life.

If you want to cultivate leadership by encouraging solidarity with your team, I can offer the following three options:

  • Individual Evaluation

I use the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile®, the most complete instrument currently available on the market, to evaluate social and emotional intelligence. It measures 26 different social and emotional competences. This evaluation provides important information about how you behave and react in certain circumstances in your professional and daily life. With it, I’ll help you detect your strengths and weak points and we’ll work on precisely those areas you’re most interested in improving.

  • 360º Evaluation

An evaluation by your closest team members, colleagues, subordinates, bosses, etc. You’ll select those persons from whom you’d like to receive honest, anonymous, and confidential feedback. Results will be analyzed as part of the process of individual coaching or collective (group) coaching. I’ll help you be more aware of how others perceive you and how your behavior impacts others. This process will strengthen your self-confidence and allow you to develop more effective methods of communicating with your team.

  • IS+E Workshops for Teams

Directed at teams or groups that want to strengthen their team and increase their results. This program consists of personalized workshops designed around fictitious and real-world role-playing scenarios. With me, you’ll learn to make the most of your team’s cohesiveness, construct lasting trust-based relationships, keep destructive emotions at bay, control stress under pressure, use smart tactics for more effective influencing and negotiation, as well as useful strategies to keep your team motivated and receptive to positive change.


Cultivate emotional intelligence and team spirit to become a more effective leader.
My individual and group sessions help participants grow inside and out.
Would you like to be a more conscious leader and enable authentic interactions and aligned actions?